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Convertible Storage System

The relocation of permanent collections has become such a frequent event that most museums include contingencies as part of the planning process. In response to this important consideration, CSI developed the Convertible Storage System.  It provides unparalleled flexibility for your Collections today and into the future. 

The new system boasts an ultra-flexible design that enables fast, trouble-free conversion from a ceiling-supported installation to a floor supported installation…or vice-versa, as your space requirements demand.  Fully reusable, the time, space and energy-saving CSI Convertible helps to stretch museum operating budgets.

The CSI Convertible storage unit is constructed of conservation-safe, lightweight aluminum.  It requires no modification to convert.   Only movement and guidance hardware are exchanged.   Aisles are always track-free. Safety and protection for the collection and museum staff is never compromised, and the floor space is clear. And since structural integrity is built in, the Convertible Storage System is completely safe.   Your investment in CSI Convertible Storage Systems offers long term cost savings.