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The next generation has arrived.

Perfect Fit™ Moving Painting Storage "Kit" Systems

Meeting the Storage Needs of Today’s Collectors and
Collections Around The Globe

PerfectFit™ was designed and engineered to fit a very specific need...the evolving painting storage requirements of private and corporate collections, conservation labs, historic houses and art museums.

PerfectFit™ is aptly named. The system is provided as an easy-to-assemble kit that fits perfectly into even small sized environments. The standard system (pictured above) is
8’ (2.43m) tall with moving units measuring 7’ (2.13m) high x 8’ (2.43m) wide. PerfectFit™ is site-erectable by two individuals and enables collectors to utilize space previously unusable. Its simple setup also makes PerfectFit™ ideal for immediate use, while its aerospace aluminum and ergonomic design provide a solution for long term and permanent storage. As a kit, it is easily delivered to any location and requires no loading dock or freight elevator.  No PerfectFit™ component weighs more than 30 pounds.

In development for over five years, PerfectFit™ is heir to the legacy of CSI
moving painting storage systems, long esteemed as the industry standard.

A New Breed
PerfectFit™ is an ultra-stable moving painting storage system that is free standing and self-leveling in a simple-to-assemble kit. With adjustable on-center spacing, it provides a safe, highly efficient method of storing masterpieces and treasured artwork for future generations. Its aerospace aluminum is inert, with no harmful off-gassing to affect paintings.

PerfectFit™ features extremely smooth operation with an upper guide that synchronously adjusts to floor irregularities. The hanging surface is created from flattened and expanded diamond-pattern aluminum sheets.  The adjustable screens offer excellent density. CSI’s unique “S” hooks maximize placement flexibility and density. The number of moving units is up to you, your space and your collection requirements. Lightweight and rigid, the design and structural integrity of PerfectFit™ make it eminently relocateable.

CSI’s continuing dedication to innovating the manufacturing process and Quality Control techniques is evident in each PerfectFit™ system. The masterful application of superior design, aerospace engineering, top quality materials and manufacturing techniques have made the next generation of painting storage a reality. With PerfectFit™ you can meet the evolving needs of painting collections today and tomorrow.

Delivery and Installation
PerfectFit™ arrives as a kit, making it ideal for problematic locations. Due to its design, it does not require freight elevators or loading docks. The unique kit system enables fast, safe assembly by two individuals with no special training or tools required. System components are easy to handle. No PerfectFit™ component weighs more than 30 pounds (13.6 Kg).

All materials are maintenance free. No paint or applied finishes. No lubrication ever.

The PerfectFit™ painting storage system has been designed and engineered to meet the evolving needs of painting collections today and tomorrow.